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-x- Asleep At The Switch

I think I've been abducted by aliens and replaced with a clone that comes from some back alley universe where people work. I HATE work... then again, it's all I seem to do lately. I have two jobs + college right now. I'm so pineapple fucking tired I can't see straight.

Nothing like a good hard dose of minimum wage to put shit in perspective though.

I completely and utterly had to go beg for my job back, for a 3rd time, after making 7.28$ an hour. How the hell does anyone survive on $291 a week. And that's BEFORE taxes. I was getting nailed for near 20%. I haven't paid taxes in years!

So yes.. much begging ensued. 1350$ a week is so much more reasonable, don't you think? Me too! I finally feel like I can breathe again now that I'm not pulverizing every penny for what I can get out of it. In a few weeks I should be able to get my head above water.

And now.. if you'll excuse me.. I have to go back to work. >:)
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