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-x- Under pressure...

I wanted to post tonight so as to not keep abandoning my journal in that fashion I have so that when I return to it I have only have David who remember me, heh, but in typical can't focus fashion, I spent the night cybering some hot boy from Cali instead. Hey what can I say? He could s p e l l ! So, since I have no post right now, no creative words flowing off the lips, no inspiration from life, no rythem from Kensin, I decided I'd post some art instead. Haven't done that in awhile and yes - I'm still good.

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I can't see the image!
I know.. I think it has something to do with the server it's on maybe and outside linking? the web address is:
Oooh! Pretty!
"Yeah right! That'll happen when pigs fly!"

And so, Porkahontas has taken wing. Can you not see her there? Wait... that cloud will pass. Now! See? And to think. Most mortals thought pigs incapable of such feats, but look at that shall you?

I yet live. A walking corpse mayhaps. Like my faithful computer, there's a spark remaining.

No worries lovely. The spark will turn into it's usual glow. Even if the sidhe must add the needed light. Don't they always? Add to the glow? So what if it it seems a facade to others... the colors are ever so pretty...

And no prose from Kensin, the reluctant poet eh? His words possess the ability to move us I'll grant him that. As do you- as you search for the slightest of phrases.

"When all is said and done, who can love you and remain standing?"

You and I are ever losing our 'sea legs'- swept away in moments only to drift for days- even years along the tides.

But then again lovely...

How we love to drift...