Your Taste Is Blood And Fire But I Drink You Alone (underthepink) wrote,
Your Taste Is Blood And Fire But I Drink You Alone

-- The Edge Of Good Intentions

Have I ever told you guys how I feel about Meth? Bah, I know I have. Despite my gripes I infrequently find reason to indulge when circumstances seem right for it. Tonight was one of those nights.

My main bitch is the same as always - the lack of action. When I look back on it, nearly every single time the outcome is the same; talk. Talk and talk and talk. Talk can be a lot of things. Magic. Mystery. Music. Mood. The talk is always.... beneficial. All night endless talks are like therapy in my mind. Healthy in that any sharing of spirit between people striving towards the same goodness in their lives is like a holy act. Talk can bring change. Talk can bring clarity. There is no end to it's magic.

I admire and in a way worship speech, the act of honest, open, heart-felt conversation. I am aware of that powerful magic. I just feel that talk can extend beyond itself into empty words.

Been said 40 times, been heard, been known and this is the key for me, it's been *settled*. An idea is a blessing. From it might spring plans. Plans, I love.

This morning, after talking all through the night, we are... still... talking. Can't we talk while we acheive on other levels too? Can't we share more than one thing at a time.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I come out of a meth all night talk session with a sense of.... well, many things, but among them, accomplishment. Communicating ideas is an accomplishment. Make sense? I guess to make it basic, I could say I feel like..... afterwards, doors are open, opportunities are waiting in the wings... and more often than not, fruition is not attained. When the talk first ends the energy put out is still strong and electric but without attendance it fades. Without action.

Everyone got to put their ideas on the market. Specifically in the realm of business and the directions we could go in... the direction we could start in. Now, to me, if this ends with one action, one goal for the day accomplished, one things on the to-do list crossed off. Thought, speech, energy... action. There are a million ideas out there but how many get action?

I'll finish this later maybe. If I still care.
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