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-- Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall...

No Name [3:51 PM]: see your the popular one ::runs to get his pad:: oh please oh please can i have your autograph!!! i'll do annnyythhhiinnnggg
Phynix Ash [3:52 PM]: ::knowing and calculated air of a movie star, whiskey smoked words falling from her lips like a jewel:: Anything?
No Name [3:53 PM]: ::shakes a bit:: anything for a movie starrrrrrrrrr
Phynix Ash [3:55 PM]: ::that typical flash of cruelty that comes from all 'old money':: But what could you possibly have that I want?
No Name [3:56 PM]: ::grips her shoulders and backs her into a wall:: its not having what you want, i may just have all that you need
Phynix Ash [3:58 PM]: ::a biting edge that was diamond brittle... and just as sharp or bright...:: Nothing special then.
Phynix Ash [3:58 PM]: ::gives up the ghost of this game first, kicking him in the shin:: Shut up before I rape you.. or let you rape me. ::winks::
No Name [3:59 PM]: oh oh oh my!! :passes out::
Phynix Ash [4:01 PM]: LOL
Phynix Ash [4:01 PM]: Flake.
No Name [4:02 PM]: ::wakes up:: oh my goodness
No Name [4:02 PM]: im sorry, whoa
Phynix Ash [4:02 PM]: Ju was possessed....
No Name [4:02 PM]: sooo much excitement
Phynix Ash [4:02 PM]: By a ... hmmm.. cunning man.
No Name [4:02 PM]: really?
Phynix Ash [4:03 PM]: ::feels like she's a in an Ann Rice novel... can you smell the jasmine and honeysuckle in New Orleans??::
No Name [4:05 PM]: ummm i can smell the cajun food, if that counts ::rubs his head::
Phynix Ash [4:06 PM]: ::chuckles:: Course it counts... I could really go for some pistolettes. Am I being obtruse and making yer head hurt? I do that at times. My bad.
No Name [4:10 PM]: no no, i just fainted from the thought of before, must have slammed my own head into the floor. no no you being obtruse is like me being a philanthropist
Phynix Ash [4:12 PM]: ::grins, twinkle twinkle:: What, the thought of rape or the thought of gleaming diamonds? And do you treasure your philanthropic side as much as I love my shrouded garb of incontinuity?

No Name [4:17 PM]: perhaps i treasure it just the same, but the thoughts of both topics are too much for my vergin ears
Phynix Ash [4:17 PM]: Ahhh.. c'est la vie. Such a shame, those virgin ears.
No Name [4:17 PM]: yeah i know
Phynix Ash [4:18 PM]: Maybe some other time, when yer possessed.
No Name [4:22 PM]: possessed by the devil
No Name [4:22 PM]: ??
No Name [4:22 PM]: hmmmmm
Phynix Ash [4:22 PM]: Well, possessed by something.
No Name [4:26 PM]: like?
No Name [4:26 PM]: ::hides that deviant smile::
Phynix Ash [4:27 PM]: Such games as these are dangerous you know.
No Name [4:29 PM]: i don't know this "dangerous" ::oh that wicked grin found its mark on his visage:: i just want to know about this possessed stuff
Phynix Ash [4:31 PM]: Possessions that make movie stars, possessions that make men with strong hands and a fondness for walls. Is possession not the most logical course, "I was possessed to do it", the easy explaination of explainations as to why such games get played?
No Name [4:34 PM]: ::he chuckled evily as his eyes narrowed:: i see, you have enlightened me greatly, made me see the vast side of things, my my how innocent i am
Phynix Ash [4:34 PM]: Oh such a vile liar as well! And such a vile shame to put such a tongue and such a mind to such uses.
No Name [4:36 PM]: and what uses would that be again
Phynix Ash [4:37 PM]: At this point I would say the circular kind that feed upon themselves and go nowhere.
No Name [4:38 PM]: a very interesting outlook if i do say so myself, oh and thinking about possessions, are you possessed?
Phynix Ash [4:42 PM]: Now that is an interesting topic. Possession on account of -mood-. In the strictly broadest sense, I will say this... self-possession is less frequent than the possession that occurs between two people playing roles within roles within roles. What I find a more unique question, is the reason for possession... why these occasionally new 'masks' spring into being.
No Name [4:44 PM]: hmm perhaps its the truth a person knows deep down inside about themselves that creats these "masks" just like it is the fear people have of being themselves that bring them back to the mirror each day
Phynix Ash [4:47 PM]: ::The twinkle again...:: Fascinating isn't it? Roles and masks and motivations. Your carnate possession to my movie star and the first thing he thought to 'offer' her in the way he offered it. In broadest senses all things can be explained or talked about, but in specific instances how things shrink away. What do you think your possession saw in the mirror, just then? ::wry curve to the corner of her lips::
Phynix Ash [4:50 PM]: Would not possession of -mood- then become a topic in the area of unmanifested desires or wants? And are we agreed yet, that these can indeed, be dangerous games??
No Name [4:56 PM]: hmm ::he pondered a bit. He was a patient man, and had long ago learned to wait for what must be said, but he was bordering on intense interest now. usually he was as cold as the outside:: i agree fully with you the "mood" in a single point in time can become or lead to unmanifested desires or situations.. As far dangerous goes..well that all depends on the situation our moods lead to
Phynix Ash [5:00 PM]: In my experience, unmanifested desires or wants, while as you said, can be 'led', are better off not being so. Healthy, of course. Inevitable, probably. Necessary, I would say no. For then we wander into the grounds of morality and eventually, guilt. The old expression about sleeping dogs being left to lie. I will also say however, singularly, that those possessed by mood - when both understand such a circumstance and are aware of it - rarely regret bringing incarnate things to life, rather, it's the stock
Phynix Ash [5:00 PM]: of their friends and lovers that seem to suffer from their actions.
Phynix Ash [5:01 PM]: Cruel twist of fate, that. ::smiled up at him::
No Name [5:03 PM]: :: smiles a bit:: thats all well and good but it sounds like a "brick wall slammed in the way of a possible sexual advance or intimate advance" but i did not see any of that here ::he smirks::
Phynix Ash [5:04 PM]: I could comment, metaphorically of course.. on the hard, roughness of brick... but rather, I would ask, what -do- you see here?
No Name [5:07 PM]: i take it one step up and say what i perceive...a conversation between two great minds, that are brought together but a possible unquestionable act of fate ::he chuckled a bit::
Phynix Ash [5:08 PM]: A good answer..... because while not commenting on other types of walls, I would hate to think a wall had been violently slammed together and built against intimacy.
No Name [5:11 PM]: ::he smiles:: oh i agree besides the discussion of walls could lead to many things...
Phynix Ash [5:12 PM]: By all means, lead on.
No Name [5:14 PM]: now that could be quite dangerous ::he smiled a bit as he leaned against the wall:: some walls can be on either side or both sides of an "enterance" that may change a great deal of things around
Phynix Ash [5:16 PM]: But is not the quintessential aim of intimacy to not only remove walls, but explore those which will not give because of the things that anchor them?
No Name [5:18 PM]: yes, this is what do you propose
Phynix Ash [5:19 PM]: Oh but you mentioned walls and the things they lead to, which is obviously already in your head, so share it with me.
No Name [5:21 PM]: hmm i may need some help bringing them to the surface, that is if you don't mind
Phynix Ash [5:23 PM]: Foundations of sharing and trust are also principals of intimacy. Come now. ::winks::
No Name [5:26 PM]: yes, the beginning principals, you are very right here. hmmmm so are you telling me you wish to indulge in this dangerous game were creating?
Phynix Ash [5:28 PM]: Such games are only dangerous if they hurt others, and I sense no trace of malice in this yet. Do you see any that would stand to be hurt from it?
No Name [5:30 PM]: Well, no, because there is no malevolent intent, there never was, only intellectual intent brought on by two great minds as said earlier ::he smiles::
Phynix Ash [5:31 PM]: Well then, I suppose if we are mindful of the directions in which we explore, and the masks we wear along the way, as well the things we do and -don't- act on, then walls can be a very safe topic.
No Name [5:36 PM]: ::he smiles a bit again:: i am glad you further expanded on this rather enjoyable topic. Walls can be a very safe topic, after all some walls do help ease otherwise tense topics and help relieve certain things that may be trapped inbetween ::he shrugs::
Phynix Ash [5:37 PM]: ::twinkle:: they are also necessary at times when discussing arcitecture too - though that would drift us from where we are now, which are emotional and mental walls.
No Name [5:41 PM]: ohh indeed, but if need be how would you go about removing the walls
Phynix Ash [5:42 PM]: Well the first step I would think would be identifying a particular wall and discussing it until it is either removed or found to be immovable.
No Name [5:42 PM]: good answer
Phynix Ash [5:44 PM]: I have this theory about walls.... not so much that they ever move, but rather what changes with them, is their density. For each person we know, the walls are all the same, but the -strength- of them varies. Time, intimacy, conversation, similarity, passion, and so many other things determine the density of these walls, if you will, based on each individual, and the things that transpire between you and them.
No Name [5:47 PM]: and how strong and thick would you say your walls are as of this very moment?
Phynix Ash [5:48 PM]: Mmm... I would say they are neither strong nor thick, merely impassive, in a state of fugue, or waiting for something to react to.... that will determine their density.
Phynix Ash [5:50 PM]: What are walls, could also possibly at times be merely automatical responses, given so often they are what they are and thus are a form of wall. Something done once out of revulsion, or love, fear or anger, and simply repeated time and again.
No Name [5:53 PM]: thats true, with each catagory calling for a differnt way to react to them in kind..extreme to the less extreme. take that state of fugue, quite possibily a reaction so vague may be just the thing, something that appears like a bolt that one would be caught off guard or simply awe struck
Phynix Ash [5:56 PM]: Oh, I absolutely agree. Hence why time and time again each of us says "I should have said this or that clever thing in response" because the awe or shock itself has passed and the automatical reflexes have had time to determine a walls density and form what would have been a more "proper" response.... but then one is also forced to wonder which would be a more true charictaristal representation of a person... the responses given in shock or emotion or etc., or those given automatically. I think while those
Phynix Ash [5:56 PM]: given in shock can be quite revealing in nature, most of life -is- automatical, and thus those responses, thought of later, would be also just as valid to the mind of the man.
No Name [5:59 PM]: nice! i coulden't have said it better myself! you are damn good
Phynix Ash [6:02 PM]: ::chuckles lightly, sitting down lotus style:: maybe... but maybe we're both just playing at concepts and precepts like intelligent people when somewhere there's a book or a magazine, and probably millions of them that say the same things we're saying and do it much more..... fluidly.
No Name [6:11 PM]: ::sits down infront of her in the half lotis pose:: perhaps, but to us it comes naturally, to others they have to study the very words we create in the spur of the moment
Phynix Ash [6:14 PM]: ::in fact, studied the way he is sitting:: Intelligence can be a curse in other respects. Tell me, what is it you want from life and what have you done to get what you want?
No Name [6:25 PM]: the pursuit of intelligence is only a curse if chased with impunity. What i want from life, is something many don't realize is the greatest gift to treasure. That is to simply... life, enjoy it. i don't want large sums of money or material possessions that just cause decay and rot in this a- moral world. i used to live a very austere life full of challenge. Despite the fact that my training is still austere, i live a somewhat solitary life. Humble and simple. from all of my harsh experiences
No Name [6:31 PM]: if there is any opposition, harmonize with it on the spot. there is nothing that cannot be harmonized. i distinguish between falsehood and truth. i adapt to ceaseless change and remain unshaken regardless of the circumstances. i don't play favorites, have many desires or regrets, do not begrudge myself or others, become infatuated with objects, pile up possessions yet, i don't overvalue the things i have. i admire rolemodels but i don't rely on them. i have no self interest. i've learned to gauge the merits
No Name [6:32 PM]: and demerits of things, developed an understanding of all matters and crafts. i pay attention to the smallest detail for that like an ant hill can grow large overnight. i don't waste time on nonessentials ::looks to her::
Phynix Ash [6:33 PM]: You have now fascinated me beyond all reason and on indistinct grey levels of vagueness and flattery, made me fall in love with you. ::light smile:: While hanging on every word your saying, an unslakeable thirst to know more is growing in even greater bounds.
Phynix Ash [6:34 PM]: Words like.... 'your training' for instance.
No Name [6:40 PM]: my training; to stay in the physical center of a place, to be centered in both mind and body, is one of the golden means. My training...experience cold, heat and rain by crossing deep valleys. Rest in open fields and sleep in the mountains. Never store away money or food or wear warm clothing. Travel everywhere to engage in challenges, Reside among wild beasts. Associate with those like yourself and even those that are dangerous in the Arts. These were some of the things that were endured during my youthful
No Name [6:42 PM]: stay in the Kurama mountain pref. of Kyoto Japan...a full 9 1/2 years of "hell" but which helped to build the young man you are talking with now, i would not change a thing, i would just not wish my experiences on anyone else
Phynix Ash [6:44 PM]: Naively, I would wish your experiences. To be shaped by things other than those that shaped me if that allows. Yet more and more your drawing me in with these tales. Do you see this as... foolish maybe? To romanticize you in this way?
No Name [6:46 PM]: not at all, there comes a point in each of our lives where we just may meet someone that just may be what we ourselves possibily longed for in ourselves
Phynix Ash [6:46 PM]: Tell me things that don't matter to the scheme. If you smoke, the color of your hair, your favorite sky..... tell me things that fall to dust even when the man himself is remembered..... or becomes a legend.
No Name [6:52 PM]: well i am not a smoker, and i do have pics of myself (sent), my favorits sky is either a grey winter sky or a red sky in the far as what falls to dust when the man is remembered or becomes a legend...hmmm i should devulge on the legend part...hmmm lets see
Phynix Ash [7:00 PM]: This is really becoming quite a unique conversation for me. You don't fit your picture in whatever sense that can be construed... as I didn't have a mental image in my head.
No Name [7:10 PM]: sorry hun i stepped away to take the trash out. Back to that legend part or filling the description. Legends don't mean a whole lot, now its just a name to exploit. A person should never be involved to make a name for themselves. They are only human and do bad things as well as good, but, only the "good" remains in the eyes of those that created the legend. My opinion is a legens should work for the future, a legend is someone that stops being part of a mistake. This things that fall to dust are the things
No Name [7:11 PM]: that are cast aside that truely makes a person a legend. Then the word is a perversion or commercialism reduced to a shell a skull of a once great thing
Phynix Ash [7:12 PM]: Someone I once loved immensely said.... he never wanted to a legend, never call him a legend, because 'legends die'. ygm btw.
No Name [7:14 PM]: nice pics
Phynix Ash [7:14 PM]: Point of view. ::laughs softly::
Phynix Ash [7:15 PM]: Besides, I never believe the things said online about pictures. It can be bad for your mental health and a huge reason I rarely show mine.
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